What Doulas Do

a doula assisting a laboring woman during a water-birthMost of the time women who hire doulas are specifically interested in having an unmedicated labor and delivery, but that is certainly not a requirement. Each woman has her own goals and desires for what her birthing day will look like. It is of utmost importance that, no matter what the outcome, she has felt well cared for, informed, respected, and heard. A laboring woman is her own best advocate, and confidence in that is something that can be practiced and learned, especially with the right information and support.

A doula will provide you with information on birth options and resources, and encourage informed decision making to help you prepare for the birth you are hoping for.

A doula is a calming presence that can provide encouragement and reassurance to both a laboring woman and her partner.

A doula is trained in numerous comfort techniques which can make all the difference during an unmedicated labor. She will spend time training your partner in many of these techniques if it is your desire for them to be hands on and involved in that capacity as well.

A doula is an extra set of hands around the clock because even the most involved and helpful partners will likely need a break to get something to eat, go to the bathroom, lay down for a short rest, or get a breath of fresh air. This is a big day for partners too, their role can be very physically and emotionally demanding, making it ideal to have another member of the support team.

If you are currently pregnant and thinking about using a doula, Melissa would be happy for the opportunity to introduce herself in person and talk with you about how she can serve you during this very special time. Don't hesitate to contact her to set up a free, no-obligation consulation and interview.